Jazz Hours by Happy Hours Dance Place

You all must be wondering what is this all about? 
Well, I'm always looking for fun and exotic things in my life. And I also try to be friends with fun loving people who have a lot to offer. Here is my friend Harsha Maheshwari - the only person I know who's really trying hard to create some insane scene for all the "girls" in the dance community. Trust me, in a city like Hyderabad where girls are still scared to wear shorts cause people who know them might think differently of them, extremely talented women who are very skeptical about exploring things, this one is really something. 

I LOVE HYDERABAD for what it has given me but we are slightly laid back and some of the youngsters are trying really hard to get this city to that level. To let go and set themselves free, to believe in their dreams. I'm sure you all will love this city for what it offers you too. 

Getting back to talking about Harsha, who has been struggling for last 2 years with few of her dancer friends in Hyderabad - Nirmesh, Swapnil, Sanjay and many others. I like to tag their names here cause I know these guys personally and they are amazing tutors, inspirations to all the dancers in Hyderabad and known all around India for who they are.

I'm writing this blog cause I thought it would be great to feature someone who's trying hard for the betterment of the city. Harsha tries to get all the female dancers from all around the world to come take a workshop in Hyderabad and encourage girls to take a step towards their passion. In the same way Swapnil and his crew Proximity Crew host this event called BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE every year. There are many other dancers around the city who are hosting great dance events but I only talk about those who I know.  

The whole video is shot on A7rii with 85mm f1.4 GM, 35mm f1.4, 70-200 f2.8 GM.

I would like you all to know that few of my photographer buddies are always part of these dance workshop to click pictures and take videos all for free without any expectation, trust me we do this for the love of art. These guys are amazing people - Thariq Hussain, Naveen, Gyan Thakur, Adrin Sequeira, Shreyak Singh, Rohan Kumar, Anil Agarwal, Arpita Patel, Rutvik Katuri. All of these guys are doing really well for them self and try their best to be a part when ever it is possible.

Here are some of the images I clicked for the recent workshop by Svetana Kanwar in Hyderabad hosted by Harsha


Hope you all liked my feature and I would really want you all share and appreciate the term "DANCE" cause hey it lets you move the way you want to move.