I started using Sony mirrorless cameras when we didn’t even have lenses from Carl Zeiss Batis. I’m talking around 4 years back when I decided to move from Nikon and its been quite a journey with Sony Cameras.
Anyhow, now we almost have all the lenses available for Sony E-Mount but today I’m not talking about Sony Lenses.
I’m talking about one of the most famous lenses from Sigma Art 50mm f1.4


Earlier I tested 35mm f1.4 Art from Sigma, this was my second lens I tested for sigma and I need to agree this lens has some ability. Why I say that is because the lens actually works really well without any focusing issues, and agrees to use all the ability available in Sony cameras. I don’t want to get technical with specs and all the other jazz cause you all must have already checked it out on all the other vlogs and blogs. I’m here to show what I could click with this lens and my experience.

Some random images I shot of the River while the sun light was falling onto the water, shot on the wide open to see what kind of bokeh we can create. I would give 8/10 cause I see a little chromatic aberration on the bokeh.

This image below I had little trouble to focus on the subject since I was trying to take a silhouette shot but I wouldn’t mind cause every other lens has that kind of issues.

This is one of the images I shot at a wedding recently where I was shooting through a transparent glass. I was surprised, It did a pretty good job on focusing.

This is one of the images I shot at a wedding recently where I was shooting through a transparent glass. I was surprised, It did a pretty good job on focusing.

1st image I had trouble to focus even though I had my single auto focus point on the Female Subject but it still kept focusing the Male Subject so I ended up shooting on Manual Focus. 2nd shot took no time and focused right away.

I met this cute girl at a wedding. I convinced her parents to let me shoot her. She had no experience of posing and getting a shoot done. It’s a task to capture such moment when focusing and getting the right expression is very important there is a long story behind these images but my lens needed to be ready to get the right shot on the right time sigma didn’t fail there which is extreme happiness for me.

We were shooting some products around the water side, I asked my fellow photographer friend to pose for me cause I wanted to see how it focuses while the person is wearing a glasses. You can take a look.

She was chilling at the location where I asked her to be in the moment but she got little conscious I still got one shot. If you’re being little candid about your images. It’s quite fast.

She was chilling at the location where I asked her to be in the moment but she got little conscious I still got one shot. If you’re being little candid about your images. It’s quite fast.

I also got some of my self images shot with this lens. Looks good to me.

I’m pretty happy with the lens what I don’t like about this lens is its too huge for 50mm but if you don’t care about the size and weight this lens should be there in your bag pack without any second thoughts. Its priced reasonable for f1.4.

Hope you liked this blog. Thanks for coming around.

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This is my latest editorial got featured in @elegantmagazine thanks to the team in #Hyderabad for putting up this great editorial!


Model: @apoorva_srinivasan 
Styled: @makeupbyamisha 
MUA: @makeupbyamisha 
Digitec: @rohan.foto 
Assisted by: @pranil_chintewar

Wild & Free - Editorial Feature


We all have it in us. We all are wild and free. We get wild after the breakups, we get free after the first family fights, we get stronger after the first loss. Experience in life teaches us lessons and we have to go on forward with that. If you were wondering all the wrong things are happening to you, you've mistaken cause your issues are very small compared to others. 

Everybody works hard and when you meet that somebody thats who they are. It has taken the great amount of time to experience, for who they are.

Work hard and don't lose hope. Believe it or not, while we were on our way it started raining heavily and shooting in that kind rain was impossible but "belief " that it should stop raining we drove down around 50kms from Mumbai. My assistant Arroon Nair rode down in that rain cause we didn't have space in the car. After reaching the location we realize rain is not going to stop. We have to look for the places in that location where we could shoot, we got lucky when it was just drizlling and came up with this SERIES.

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You'll Shine - Motivational View

Recently I was traveling around Maharashtra for 5 days. I happen to shoot a lot of landscape videos and photos. This video has been on the list for a very long time. Finally, I could get some. time to shoot and edit. The reason, why I love traveling, is that it inspires me the most. Keeps me rolling let me think right. I try not to lose my patience, I really try hard to not to abuse people. But we all are humans and we end up losing our shit sometimes. Here is the video which might give you little inspiration.

Please watch the video below and read everything that I've written 

Here are some pictures from my trip. Let me know how you like them.

All the best! If there is any question you have please feel free to ask. 
Thank You :) 

Jazz Hours by Happy Hours Dance Place

Jazz Hours by Happy Hours Dance Place

Dance workshop hosted by Harsha Maheshwari aka Komet in Hyderabad. 

All these while I've been doing slow motion video with slow songs last night I decided to make a video on 25fps and use a slow song to create a story. Let me know how you all link this video. 

I shot this video on 4k and edited on my MacBook pro 15" 2015-16 model. It's not tough to shoot and edit on 4k you have got to give a chance. 

Sony a7rii
Sony 85mm f1.4 GM
Sony Zeiss 35mm f1.4
Sony 70-200 f2.8 GM
PS_Shot this video hand held ;)

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Hyderabad to Bhutan - Travelled 5500kms in 20 days

Friend of mine she always said "do what your heart says". To be honest I got connected to travelling because of her. I always wanted to create something new and fascinating but I wasn't able to & why was that ? because I was not travelling much to inspire my work. I don't say you need to start travelling to inspire your work but I really want everyone to understand the joy of travelling. Cause when you're travelling you're on your own. There are challenges, joy, curiosity, new place, new people, culture, faith, weather, climate, food and many memories. 

No body can take that away from you. The spark in your eyes, smile in your face will be priceless when you think about your journey. 


Traveling 30kms away from your house is also called travelling. NO kidding! You'll learn for sure. 

I'm always looking for fun in my life. I think I live to have fun and enjoy everything I do. I'm still not sure what exactly I want to become but what I'm really sure about is that I need to be enjoying what ever I'm doing. I do not want to look back and say it my self oh shit! I wish I could do that now! Every time somebody walks upto me tells me my life is amazing I can do anything, i work with so many models, I get to meet celebs, travel - true man! My life is amazing and that is not because I'm a photographer or a film maker. My life is going to be amazing at any point of time cause "I do, what I love" 

So, here are some of my pictures I clicked while I was travelling with my buddies - Thariq Hussain, Anil Agarwal, Rohan Kumar, Rohit Kabra 

These images are inter connected. And I really want you all to have free time and look at these images. These are just not any random images I've really waited for the moment, I've really spent a lot of time in all the images. And the best part is, you all will find your self some where there & I can asure you that. 

I shoot travel to inspire my self, i share my experiences cause I don't want this to go wasted. I hope you'll connected to these images, hope you all found your self some where there, I really hope to see you all being really happy with what ever you do.

Do let me know how you like these images. Thank You :)