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This was long due but I think I completely forgot to put this up online for you all. Here are all the contracts find them in this blog. But before I share, you all need to understand why do we really need Contracts/Model Release or Property Release.

You need these contracts to sell your images online, or participate in competitions, get featured on a Magazines or just to save your ass - that you have permission to use these images on any sort of legal platforms.

It is also very important for a Model to know what she/he is signing up for and also for the photographers to NOT get into trouble later on.

Here is a Model Release Copy:
(You can simply copy the whole details and put it up under your Brand’s PDF file)

Model Release for Adults from
(You can simply copy the whole details and put it up under your Brand’s PDF file)

Model Release for Minors from
(You can simply copy the whole details and put it up under your Brand’s PDF file)

Property Release from - Very useful for Travel/Landscape Photographers
(You can simply copy the whole details and put it up under your Brand’s PDF file)

Now for all of those who’s into “Collaboration Shoots” this is what you all use and get your life sorted. Thanks to my Dear friend Ashita Alag who has created this collaboration agreement for you all and asked for nothing in return. GOD! how do you give me such friends?? Anyhow, she’s a Lawyer based in Delhi if you ever need one please contact her on instagram.

Click Here to Download PDF

Hope you all have gotten what you needed.
Thank You 🙏

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I’ve recently developed an interest on Film Photography and developing them as well. It has been an amazing journey in last 6 months I’ve learnt quite a lot. All thanks to my friend Rutvik Katuri for helping me out understanding all the things like How to shoot on films, how to load and unload films, understanding natural light even better, use of light meter, Zone System, and yes Developing Black & White films.

You might be thinking why shoot analog in 2019? We have digital camera why invest so much money on films. But Hey! that is the thing you as a photographer should definitely know how to shoot on films and develop them. I do not want to prove any point here this blog is for those who has attended my workshop and needs little more help with understanding of Film Photography & developing them.

FYI this whole presentation was made by Rutvik Katuri to. help me understand films so please look him up and show some love.


Where do we get films in India?
Sristhi Digi Life - Contact them you will make sure you find what you need.

If there is any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you :)


"SONY" Camera Not Tethering to Capture One? Cloud File Syncing May Be to Blame

Sony Cameras not tethering to Capture One Pro or any other softwares on your MacBook/Windows

Is your Sony camera not tethering to Capture One Pro or any other software on your Mac or Windows computer? I had this issue for quite some time and thought there must be some issue with my system, or camera, or wire — nope. I decided to write a message to Capture One and get a fix but no one could help me.

Almost no one seems to know about this issue. There were a few people who had the same issue, but they never shared any solution to it. It was just get a new camera, laptop, tether tool wire, or maybe stop tethering.

Anyhow, last few months I’ve stopped shooting because I couldn’t tether and I don’t enjoy my shoots if I can’t tether. I was going mad trying to fix the problem, and today I have the solution. 

Every time I connected my camera, this is what the camera showed:


Capture One Pro was clueless and gave me messages like this one:

Screenshot 2019-01-16 at 11.54.32 PM.png

And other times it showed nothing at all:

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 10.15.43 PM.png


What I discovered is that this was caused by Google Drive Backup & Sync. All you need to do is…

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 10.04.08 PM.png

Yes, that’s right: simply Quit your Google Drive Backup & Sync and it should start working perfectly. I’m not much of a technical person, but I really think this is the stupidest thing that I have ever come across. There shouldn’t be a connection at all, so I still don’t understand what’s happening.

Anyhow, do this and you’re back to Tethering!

Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art for Sony E-Mount

I’ve been using Sony Mirrorless cameras for last 3 years and initially when I purchased the E-Mount body we didn’t really have any other options but buy the patent lenses from Sony but now the time has changed and finally sigma has announced lenses for Sony E-Mount camera. 

I happened to test Sigma Art 35mm f1.4
Firstly let me start with a Built Quality as it is same as Nikon & Canon Sigma Art Lenses. This is the first time I’ve ever used a sigma art lens and when I compare the sigma lens with any other third party brands, sigma is built very well. Has a nice body with auto on/off switch and lovey hood.

Source: Adorama

Source: Adorama

I wasn’t really expecting much since in the past all the brands have failed on auto focusing lens for Sony E-Mount. Not to forget there are few features like Eye auto focus which was not available while we were using third party lenses with the adaptors on. But this lens has completely surprised me with the Auto Focus in a decent distance.

This image was shot in a Natural light where I had just 2 mins to make few images.

This image was shot in a Natural light where I had just 2 mins to make few images.

I shot few images early in morning against the sun to see what it could do. I didn’t want to edit these images so that you all could have a look at the output directly from the camera.

I also gave a shot to this lens in my commercial shoot for a jewellery brand where I was using 3 Light Setup.


How about the Bokeh?
Everyone knows about the bokeh you can achieve with this lens so instead I created few images where you could not just see the bokeh but also understand how this lens could perform even when the subject is moving and keep the image sharp & intact.

Overall View
When you start to compare this lens with any other lens I’m very excited that sigma is finally in the game. It’s pretty cool to have a fast aperture lens in such an amazing price range which is very affordable to those who needs a fast lens but doesn’t want to invest a lot on the lenses. Colors are great, edges are sharp, less distortion, Little heaver than the Sony 35mm f1.4 but you shouldn't mind the weight when the lens is half the price. It is a great lens for all the portrait shooter & wedding photographers.

That’s all for today. Thank you :)


It is always fun to mix up your Tradition with western spice. I had to the opportunity to have Shalini Vadnikatti in this shoot. She had the perfect face for what I was planning and such an amazing soul for coming out of her comfort zone, giving her best. 

This shoot turned out to be even more special cause a friend of mine owns this beautiful cafe called Nirvana Bistro in Hyderabad who was willing to give me their space for this shoot. They have this crazy concept of letting you play whatever music you want, you have a projector to play your own Netflix or Prime videos, Food part is special cause it's literally like home food and if you have a nice recipe please go ahead and give it to them they 'll have it on their menu. 

I happened to get my hands on Profoto A1 so decided to make a use of these beauties in my shoot. Please look at the output for yourself. 

I'm attaching few Light Setups for you all to get an idea how lights were placed. 

This shoot wouldnt have been possible with this amazing team I had back in Hyderabad!
Styling: Shilpageethastyles 
Makeup Artist: Hurmat Klair
Hair: Satya Rachamalla
Assisted by: Pranil Chintewar & Ankit Thota
Designer: Mamatha Tulluri

Hope you all liked this series.
Thank You!


You’re scared what will people think of you cause you’re not sure about how you look or appear. That’s not people’s problem but yours. Fear of acceptance is the most horrible thing you’ll go through. It’s a maze where people are very curious to know what happened and what you’re going through. Stop caring, look beautiful for your self.

This project is very dear to my heart and It was one of the quickest shoots of all time. I had an idea and I knew exactly what I needed from my makeup artist and my model. 

Here is the Light Setup I used:

Here is Light Setup I used. Basic 2 Light Setup with one Silver & Golden Reflector. 

Here is Light Setup I used. Basic 2 Light Setup with one Silver & Golden Reflector. 

Model: @olgasimanovich 
MUA & Hair: @khushbusoni06 
Assisted by: @vaibhavdpandey 
Agency: @blumodelmanagement
Magazine: @7huesmag

Link to buy the Magazine:


Thank you so much for having a look.


Hello Guys!
I'm sorry I didn't want to stack EXIF data with the images for this series cause I wanted you all to read this blog.

Anyhow, I'm amazed by everyone appreciating this initiative. I'm going to stack light setup for sure and try my best to help you. 

I like to shoot on streets and I love to work with different people who don't belong to the industry I'm tied up with. It's an amazing experience and its challenging for the subject and the photographer, both! that makes it even more interesting, cause now we are talking something else altogether. 
I happened to get in touch with a friend in #Delhi ESHNA KUTTY she was very much interested to shoot with me & try something new, she also got this brand on board called मैं (hindi: i am)

Me & Eshna went all around delhi travelling in auto, metro, cabs to shoot every place we coud cover. It was an intresting shoot. By this blog all I mean to say is try something new all the time don't stick to same genre and create same images. You have got to try your hands on Commercial, Editorials, Street Style, Personal Content, Beauty, Documentry, Landscape, ofcourse Fineart and many more. 

This whole photoshoot was shot in Natural Light. All I want to let you all know that better understanding of natural light can make your life easy. I used only those spaces where I found the perfect natural light to shoot my images. If you see my images has sun in the background but still have a nice fill light on the subject's face. Choosing the perfect area for the shot. 

Hope you all liked my blog. 

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This is my latest editorial got featured in @elegantmagazine thanks to the team in #Hyderabad for putting up this great editorial!


Model: @apoorva_srinivasan 
Styled: @makeupbyamisha 
MUA: @makeupbyamisha 
Digitec: @rohan.foto 
Assisted by: @pranil_chintewar



Chaplin in a new era! 
This concept was in my mind for quite some time where we find a woman in the form of Chaplin and @kat.kristian our model was very much up for this editorial with all positive vibes. She’s just too stunning you must check her out. 

Please take a look at the images.


Styled by: @khushikarwa54 
MUA: @khushisoni.khushbu 
Assisted by: @arroon.nair @nikhilmore77 
Magazine: @elegantmagazine
Magazine could be purchased here: Fashion #9 (November 2017)
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When winter got Goofy

Most of the time people think my production is big. I've lots of assistants, I've all the ease possible to do a great shoot outdoor with all the permission but you know what? It's not easy I don't get permissions all the time. I'm as scared as each one of you while I'm shooting outdoor with models but I keep my mind straight and shoot thinking if somebody comes we will see them. 

You should know or maybe you'll learn by the time passes when you experience situations. I end up bribing these cops or may talk to them in the sweetest tone, or sometimes just run away. 

This particular shoot was not my concept. I shot this one for a friend I recently met. Finished this shoot in 2 hours - 2 lenses, 1 Camera & 1 Light. This time I didn't even have an assistant since it was last minute shoot. 

HIRAL_LOOKBOOK A_17-11-05-94.jpg
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK A_17-11-05-155.jpg
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK A_17-11-05-122.jpg

When you're trying to shoot with somebody who you've never spoken to its going to be tough. You need to win their trust and try to make them pose, and when the whole team is new. Everybody is talking & suggesting poses to the model while you're shooting and that pisses you off. Always remember you as a photographer:

  • You're the boss. 
  • Nobody should be taking over. 
  • If you're shooting ask everyone to shut up. 
  • Win the trust of the model. 
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK B_17-11-05-33.jpg
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK B_17-11-05-64.jpg

I go with any colors and I don't think much while I'm shooting or editing. I just go with the flow I really don't care if people will like my work or somebody will criticise. Its simple I'm here to explore new things and I want to show my bad and great work altogether. I'm not looking for appreciation, I just want to keep trying new things. I cant stick to same things. I would like to change my style every single day, explore new ideas, meet new people and inspire my work as much as possible. 

HIRAL_LOOKBOOK C_17-11-05-38.jpg
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK C_17-11-05-75.jpg
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK C_17-11-05-54.jpg

As an artist, it is very important for you to be to open to any kind ideas, you cannot stick to the same thing forever, limiting your self cause you can't do it? THAT'S A BAD IDEA! I push my self every single day to do something new if I'm not able to do something new I take a break for few days and get my ass back to where I belong. No profession is easy, no job is easy, no business is going to make your life easy. It's all about what you think about your work, about how much you love doing it, about what makes you the happiest? 

DON'T RUN BEHIND SUCCESS. You'll eventually get there.    

Wild & Free - Editorial Feature


We all have it in us. We all are wild and free. We get wild after the breakups, we get free after the first family fights, we get stronger after the first loss. Experience in life teaches us lessons and we have to go on forward with that. If you were wondering all the wrong things are happening to you, you've mistaken cause your issues are very small compared to others. 

Everybody works hard and when you meet that somebody thats who they are. It has taken the great amount of time to experience, for who they are.

Work hard and don't lose hope. Believe it or not, while we were on our way it started raining heavily and shooting in that kind rain was impossible but "belief " that it should stop raining we drove down around 50kms from Mumbai. My assistant Arroon Nair rode down in that rain cause we didn't have space in the car. After reaching the location we realize rain is not going to stop. We have to look for the places in that location where we could shoot, we got lucky when it was just drizlling and came up with this SERIES.

cinematic test 142.jpg
cinematic test 143.jpg




Thank you.



Modern Spouse - Webitorial in 7huesMag


We all know in the 21st century none of us are here to sacrifice, you've got to deal with everything or maybe come to an understanding. Its tough but when you plan to get married - that means you're ready to sacrifice a lot of things. It tough for women and men both but women have got to leave her house, her parents, pets, siblings etc.

And believe it or not, it is the same story all around the world, in any culture. What we watch in movies and TV series that is not the real story. So this idea was in my mind for quite some time where I could show how women of our generation are changing where they are carefree, wild, and mad. They aren't looking pretty for those 10,000 men out there they look pretty for themselves. 

Modern Spouse4.jpg
Modern Spouse5.jpg
Modern Spouse6.jpg

Team Credits
Model: Akshara Raj Singh
MUA: Amisha Jain
Styling & Wardrobe: Amisha Jain
Assisted by: Pranil & Ankit
Photographer: Shreyans Dungarwal

Want to see the Webitorial: 7HuesMag - Modern Spouse

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Secret in Me

It is quite difficult and as a fashion and a commercial photographer, it is important for you to work for free. Guys trust me it's NOT! I've made those mistakes and I still do free shoots but only if I really want to work with them. There are many things to add onto that but keeping that aside. Here is my first editorial shoot: Watch the BTS VIDEO


Here are the pictures. Hope you'll like my feature. 

Secret in me

Team Credits:
Photographer/Retoucher: Shreyans Dungarwal 
Wardrobe Stylist: Khushi Karwa
Makeup/Hair: Khushbu Soni 
Model: Jana Galley
Agency: Mezora Talents
Assistants: Arroon Nair | Vaibhav Pandey 
Magazine: 7huesmag
Buy a Print: 7Hues Issue #21 - Fall II 2017 - Cover I

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In the Metro City - Editorial featured in 7huesmag

I've recently got into Editorial Photography. This is my second feature in a magazine which is quite exciting. All thanks to my friend Rutvik Katuri for getting me into editorials. 

Editorial has a different fun all together where you need to plan tons of things before you even start shooting. You need a great production house for your self! As in, a great stylist to arrange for the right outfit for your shoot, perfect makeup artist who understands your work and also listens to everything that you need in that look, right assistants who're there to look after the lights & also handle the crowd while you're shooting outdoors. 

Last but not the least "PERFECT MODEL" - you have a particular concept and not every face would look right for your shoot. You also need to follow the theme of the Magazines to get your work selected. I wouldn't explain you much at the moment just trying to give you'll a little glance about the editorials.

1st Issue Mode Oct 2017 spread36.jpg

In the Metro City

Team Credits:
Photographer/Retoucher: Shreyans Dungarwal
Wardrobe Stylist: Khushboo Karwa 
Makeup/Hair: Nikanksha Mehta 
Model: Lydia Haddad
Agency: Mezora Talents
Assistants: Arroon Nair
Store: Fuzion, Andheri East, Mumbai
Buy the Magazine here: 7Hues Issue #22, Vol 1. - October 2017

Hope you'll liked these images. Thanks to 7huesmag for selecting my work. 

Mobile Photography

Hey hey hey! What's happening? 
They always ask me which camera do you use, is it "Canon Mark III"? well firstly I would like to let you all know that now we have Mark IV in market so you might want to update your knowledge, and I use anything and every thing which can take pictures for me cause you know what I don't depend on the equipments I believe in my self, I know i can create fantastic images with any camera or lets say any "phone"

This blog is dedicated to all of them who would want to do phone photography but not sure how to do it. Well guys its easy, trust me it is the "easiest thing ever". We all have smartphones, right? well if you don't then I'm really sorry I cant buy you one. Anyhow, Here are some tips, might be helpful for you all. 

Grid Mode - Rule of third
  • Shoot on Grid Mode on (Rule of third)
    1. Go to your mobile's Camera setting - look for grid mode if you dont find please youtube about how to switch on grid mode on your mobile phone.

    2. Try and research about Rule of Third. You'll will have better understanding. 

  • Understanding Natural Lighting (Ambient Light)
    1. Try to shoot outdoor when there is a good light.

    2. You could experiment low light on your phone once you get better. 
  • Subject & Background
    1. You ll have to understand what background will suit your subject.

    2. Not every images will look beautiful till you flavour it with a great and suitable background.


  • Color Wheel (Color Theory)
Color Theory
  • Postproduction
    1. Editing your image is very important and we have few applications which does really good job. My Favourite is SNAPSEED.  

    2. You can enhance your images, play with exposure, contrast, crop, transform any thing and every possible, in this application. 

    3. You ll find this application free on App store in iOS or Play Store in android. 


Here are some images I've clicked on my smart phone:

Check how I edited the image on Snapseed.
Left images are edited*

Hope this blog was useful for all of you. Thank you!

Angel & Devil in you

We have both of it within us. Angel & devil! That is the pretty much idea for this shoot. 
Believe in what you think is right, listen to your heart but don't run behind glamour which might just mess you up. Take your decisions wisely cause that is going to set your future right. Shortcuts are not available ;)  

This concept was in mind for a really long time and when I spoke to my stylist Khusboo she was even more excited about the whole idea. We had to figure our outfits and arrange few things like how to build a crown, get the feathers, and yes wings! #Mumbai is a beautiful city where if you start to look what you want you can find anything you need, all you need do is start looking for it. Once we were ready with all the things we needed for the shoot we started to hunt for a model and we met Tasha who was more than happy to do what we had planned. 

Model: Tasha
MUA: Nikansha
Stylist: Khushbu
Assisted by: Ray & Karan
BTS Shot by: Nikhil More
Photography: Shreyans Dungarwal