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This was long due but I think I completely forgot to put this up online for you all. Here are all the contracts find them in this blog. But before I share, you all need to understand why do we really need Contracts/Model Release or Property Release.

You need these contracts to sell your images online, or participate in competitions, get featured on a Magazines or just to save your ass - that you have permission to use these images on any sort of legal platforms.

It is also very important for a Model to know what she/he is signing up for and also for the photographers to NOT get into trouble later on.

Here is a Model Release Copy:
(You can simply copy the whole details and put it up under your Brand’s PDF file)

Model Release for Adults from
(You can simply copy the whole details and put it up under your Brand’s PDF file)

Model Release for Minors from
(You can simply copy the whole details and put it up under your Brand’s PDF file)

Property Release from - Very useful for Travel/Landscape Photographers
(You can simply copy the whole details and put it up under your Brand’s PDF file)

Now for all of those who’s into β€œCollaboration Shoots” this is what you all use and get your life sorted. Thanks to my Dear friend Ashita Alag who has created this collaboration agreement for you all and asked for nothing in return. GOD! how do you give me such friends?? Anyhow, she’s a Lawyer based in Delhi if you ever need one please contact her on instagram.

Click Here to Download PDF

Hope you all have gotten what you needed.
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It is always fun to mix up your Tradition with western spice. I had to the opportunity to have Shalini Vadnikatti in this shoot. She had the perfect face for what I was planning and such an amazing soul for coming out of her comfort zone, giving her best. 

This shoot turned out to be even more special cause a friend of mine owns this beautiful cafe called Nirvana Bistro in Hyderabad who was willing to give me their space for this shoot. They have this crazy concept of letting you play whatever music you want, you have a projector to play your own Netflix or Prime videos, Food part is special cause it's literally like home food and if you have a nice recipe please go ahead and give it to them they 'll have it on their menu. 

I happened to get my hands on Profoto A1 so decided to make a use of these beauties in my shoot. Please look at the output for yourself. 

I'm attaching few Light Setups for you all to get an idea how lights were placed. 

This shoot wouldnt have been possible with this amazing team I had back in Hyderabad!
Styling: Shilpageethastyles 
Makeup Artist: Hurmat Klair
Hair: Satya Rachamalla
Assisted by: Pranil Chintewar & Ankit Thota
Designer: Mamatha Tulluri

Hope you all liked this series.
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You'll Shine - Motivational View

Recently I was traveling around Maharashtra for 5 days. I happen to shoot a lot of landscape videos and photos. This video has been on the list for a very long time. Finally, I could get some. time to shoot and edit. The reason, why I love traveling, is that it inspires me the most. Keeps me rolling let me think right. I try not to lose my patience, I really try hard to not to abuse people. But we all are humans and we end up losing our shit sometimes. Here is the video which might give you little inspiration.

Please watch the video below and read everything that I've written 

Here are some pictures from my trip. Let me know how you like them.

All the best! If there is any question you have please feel free to ask. 
Thank You :) 

Angel & Devil in you

We have both of it within us. Angel & devil! That is the pretty much idea for this shoot. 
Believe in what you think is right, listen to your heart but don't run behind glamour which might just mess you up. Take your decisions wisely cause that is going to set your future right. Shortcuts are not available ;)  

This concept was in mind for a really long time and when I spoke to my stylist Khusboo she was even more excited about the whole idea. We had to figure our outfits and arrange few things like how to build a crown, get the feathers, and yes wings! #Mumbai is a beautiful city where if you start to look what you want you can find anything you need, all you need do is start looking for it. Once we were ready with all the things we needed for the shoot we started to hunt for a model and we met Tasha who was more than happy to do what we had planned. 

Model: Tasha
MUA: Nikansha
Stylist: Khushbu
Assisted by: Ray & Karan
BTS Shot by: Nikhil More
Photography: Shreyans Dungarwal