I started using Sony mirrorless cameras when we didn’t even have lenses from Carl Zeiss Batis. I’m talking around 4 years back when I decided to move from Nikon and its been quite a journey with Sony Cameras.
Anyhow, now we almost have all the lenses available for Sony E-Mount but today I’m not talking about Sony Lenses.
I’m talking about one of the most famous lenses from Sigma Art 50mm f1.4


Earlier I tested 35mm f1.4 Art from Sigma, this was my second lens I tested for sigma and I need to agree this lens has some ability. Why I say that is because the lens actually works really well without any focusing issues, and agrees to use all the ability available in Sony cameras. I don’t want to get technical with specs and all the other jazz cause you all must have already checked it out on all the other vlogs and blogs. I’m here to show what I could click with this lens and my experience.

Some random images I shot of the River while the sun light was falling onto the water, shot on the wide open to see what kind of bokeh we can create. I would give 8/10 cause I see a little chromatic aberration on the bokeh.

This image below I had little trouble to focus on the subject since I was trying to take a silhouette shot but I wouldn’t mind cause every other lens has that kind of issues.

This is one of the images I shot at a wedding recently where I was shooting through a transparent glass. I was surprised, It did a pretty good job on focusing.

This is one of the images I shot at a wedding recently where I was shooting through a transparent glass. I was surprised, It did a pretty good job on focusing.

1st image I had trouble to focus even though I had my single auto focus point on the Female Subject but it still kept focusing the Male Subject so I ended up shooting on Manual Focus. 2nd shot took no time and focused right away.

I met this cute girl at a wedding. I convinced her parents to let me shoot her. She had no experience of posing and getting a shoot done. It’s a task to capture such moment when focusing and getting the right expression is very important there is a long story behind these images but my lens needed to be ready to get the right shot on the right time sigma didn’t fail there which is extreme happiness for me.

We were shooting some products around the water side, I asked my fellow photographer friend to pose for me cause I wanted to see how it focuses while the person is wearing a glasses. You can take a look.

She was chilling at the location where I asked her to be in the moment but she got little conscious I still got one shot. If you’re being little candid about your images. It’s quite fast.

She was chilling at the location where I asked her to be in the moment but she got little conscious I still got one shot. If you’re being little candid about your images. It’s quite fast.

I also got some of my self images shot with this lens. Looks good to me.

I’m pretty happy with the lens what I don’t like about this lens is its too huge for 50mm but if you don’t care about the size and weight this lens should be there in your bag pack without any second thoughts. Its priced reasonable for f1.4.

Hope you liked this blog. Thanks for coming around.

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I’ve never really made any blog on weddings but today is the day when I write a small blog and share few images from the wedding of my friend who recently got married to love of his life.

I wasn’t hired to shoot the wedding its just that as a photographer if you get to see the moment you can’t really control and end up shooting. Thats what happened, most of the time I was not even carrying my camera and when I saw the moment I ended up taking the camera from the photographer Abhinash and shot these images.

I must tell you this was one of the first weddings I’ve attended in my friend circle and indeed was the adventures one which took place in some corner of Rishikesh where you have no network or wifi so its like you’re totally disconnected from the world of social media for next few days. I love such wedding.

This love story started 3 years back on 5th December and this couple decided 1 month ago to get married on 5th December of 2018! Impromptu right ?? Okay! Now have a look at the images.

Groom is Anil Agarwal & Bride is Deepali Sharma Agarwal now
Anil is an amazing Film Maker you’ll ever come across and deepali is a beautiful soul. I haven’t really spoken to her much but she’s beautiful from her heart is all I know :)


When winter got Goofy

Most of the time people think my production is big. I've lots of assistants, I've all the ease possible to do a great shoot outdoor with all the permission but you know what? It's not easy I don't get permissions all the time. I'm as scared as each one of you while I'm shooting outdoor with models but I keep my mind straight and shoot thinking if somebody comes we will see them. 

You should know or maybe you'll learn by the time passes when you experience situations. I end up bribing these cops or may talk to them in the sweetest tone, or sometimes just run away. 

This particular shoot was not my concept. I shot this one for a friend I recently met. Finished this shoot in 2 hours - 2 lenses, 1 Camera & 1 Light. This time I didn't even have an assistant since it was last minute shoot. 

HIRAL_LOOKBOOK A_17-11-05-94.jpg
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK A_17-11-05-155.jpg
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK A_17-11-05-122.jpg

When you're trying to shoot with somebody who you've never spoken to its going to be tough. You need to win their trust and try to make them pose, and when the whole team is new. Everybody is talking & suggesting poses to the model while you're shooting and that pisses you off. Always remember you as a photographer:

  • You're the boss. 
  • Nobody should be taking over. 
  • If you're shooting ask everyone to shut up. 
  • Win the trust of the model. 
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK B_17-11-05-33.jpg
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK B_17-11-05-64.jpg

I go with any colors and I don't think much while I'm shooting or editing. I just go with the flow I really don't care if people will like my work or somebody will criticise. Its simple I'm here to explore new things and I want to show my bad and great work altogether. I'm not looking for appreciation, I just want to keep trying new things. I cant stick to same things. I would like to change my style every single day, explore new ideas, meet new people and inspire my work as much as possible. 

HIRAL_LOOKBOOK C_17-11-05-38.jpg
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK C_17-11-05-75.jpg
HIRAL_LOOKBOOK C_17-11-05-54.jpg

As an artist, it is very important for you to be to open to any kind ideas, you cannot stick to the same thing forever, limiting your self cause you can't do it? THAT'S A BAD IDEA! I push my self every single day to do something new if I'm not able to do something new I take a break for few days and get my ass back to where I belong. No profession is easy, no job is easy, no business is going to make your life easy. It's all about what you think about your work, about how much you love doing it, about what makes you the happiest? 

DON'T RUN BEHIND SUCCESS. You'll eventually get there.    

In the Metro City - Editorial featured in 7huesmag

I've recently got into Editorial Photography. This is my second feature in a magazine which is quite exciting. All thanks to my friend Rutvik Katuri for getting me into editorials. 

Editorial has a different fun all together where you need to plan tons of things before you even start shooting. You need a great production house for your self! As in, a great stylist to arrange for the right outfit for your shoot, perfect makeup artist who understands your work and also listens to everything that you need in that look, right assistants who're there to look after the lights & also handle the crowd while you're shooting outdoors. 

Last but not the least "PERFECT MODEL" - you have a particular concept and not every face would look right for your shoot. You also need to follow the theme of the Magazines to get your work selected. I wouldn't explain you much at the moment just trying to give you'll a little glance about the editorials.

1st Issue Mode Oct 2017 spread36.jpg

In the Metro City

Team Credits:
Photographer/Retoucher: Shreyans Dungarwal
Wardrobe Stylist: Khushboo Karwa 
Makeup/Hair: Nikanksha Mehta 
Model: Lydia Haddad
Agency: Mezora Talents
Assistants: Arroon Nair
Store: Fuzion, Andheri East, Mumbai
Buy the Magazine here: 7Hues Issue #22, Vol 1. - October 2017

Hope you'll liked these images. Thanks to 7huesmag for selecting my work.