Secret in Me

It is quite difficult and as a fashion and a commercial photographer, it is important for you to work for free. Guys trust me it's NOT! I've made those mistakes and I still do free shoots but only if I really want to work with them. There are many things to add onto that but keeping that aside. Here is my first editorial shoot: Watch the BTS VIDEO


Here are the pictures. Hope you'll like my feature. 

Secret in me

Team Credits:
Photographer/Retoucher: Shreyans Dungarwal 
Wardrobe Stylist: Khushi Karwa
Makeup/Hair: Khushbu Soni 
Model: Jana Galley
Agency: Mezora Talents
Assistants: Arroon Nair | Vaibhav Pandey 
Magazine: 7huesmag
Buy a Print: 7Hues Issue #21 - Fall II 2017 - Cover I

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