wedding portraits


I’ve never really made any blog on weddings but today is the day when I write a small blog and share few images from the wedding of my friend who recently got married to love of his life.

I wasn’t hired to shoot the wedding its just that as a photographer if you get to see the moment you can’t really control and end up shooting. Thats what happened, most of the time I was not even carrying my camera and when I saw the moment I ended up taking the camera from the photographer Abhinash and shot these images.

I must tell you this was one of the first weddings I’ve attended in my friend circle and indeed was the adventures one which took place in some corner of Rishikesh where you have no network or wifi so its like you’re totally disconnected from the world of social media for next few days. I love such wedding.

This love story started 3 years back on 5th December and this couple decided 1 month ago to get married on 5th December of 2018! Impromptu right ?? Okay! Now have a look at the images.

Groom is Anil Agarwal & Bride is Deepali Sharma Agarwal now
Anil is an amazing Film Maker you’ll ever come across and deepali is a beautiful soul. I haven’t really spoken to her much but she’s beautiful from her heart is all I know :)