Every single day I try to learn something. I make it a point that I explore something new. It is more like a challenge to my self I can't sleep without learning something. My close ones, they always ask me this question 'why do you keep your laptop on while you're sleeping" the truth is I keep it on so that I can learn something new by watching anything on youtube or other websites. 

I like to meet new people that's cause they are going to educate me on something new for sure. Yes, I end up meeting very boring people and sometimes very hyperactive but even they have something new to tell you. The reason, why I talk about this today is cause recently I've met few people who have no idea where they are going and they think life has come to end. They are clueless and since they are aged 25 by now they should be settled but the fact is none of us are settled, I am still confused about what I really want to do in life? I'm just exploring. I do not want to waste my time and later say SHIT! I should've tried that. I take my ass and camera every single place and give it a shot. All I want you all to know - it is easy and it is going to be easiest, all you need to do is practice more and more.

Here is the video I made with a friend of mine Akshay Yadav he's an artist and this guy inspires me every single time.